The Vision

Our vision is to inspire each of you to experience the natural wonders of our world – from the far corners of the globe, to the comforts of your living room. There’s an EdVenture for everyone!

The Journey

Inspire EdVentures started as a hands-on travel and immersive learning experience in the jungles and breaches of Belize. This is still a focal point and one of our premier offerings, but our outreach and our approach changed with the closing of the boarders due to COVID-19 in the Spring of 2020. Many of our partners suffered due to the lack of tourism – none more so than the Belize Zoo. In efforts to support them, Inspire EdVentures embarked in a journey to facilitate virtual learning experiences for the Zoo and several other learning centers across the US. Quickly finding a niche within the educational service provider spectrum, IE has grown as a leader in quality, virtual learning offerings to schools, corporations and many other industries.

The People

We are a small company, founded by three passionate individuals, who have over 50 years of combines educational travel, teaching experience, photography, and scientific research.

Meet the Inspire EdVentures Founders


A passionate and experienced educator who has been exploring Belize for over 15 years, Dave is the in-country expert and the logistical master-mind of Inspire EdVentures. Dave specializes in student tour groups, with whom he has conducted valuable research on the water quality, jaguar preservation and effects of lion fish on the ecology of coral reefs. On the trips, Dave can masterfully recognize most animals by their sounds and reveal what could be hidden to the common eye. To learn more about Dave click here


An avid nature photographer, prolific musician and a walking encyclopedia of fun facts that will surely stick in your mind, Eric is the creative machine behind Inspire EdVentures. When joining an EdVenture, Eric will share tips and tricks of nature photography to help you elevate your skills and create photographs worth bragging about. Occasionally, you might also find him surrounded by fellow-travelers as they relax to sounds of Eric’s guitar and a drink.


Equipped with a PhD in Genetics and a background in ecology, decades of world-wide travel and down-to-earth sense of humor, Michael is the education specialist at Inspire EdVentures. On the trips, Michael’s extensive knowledge of biology will come in handy as you explore the exotic world of Belize. You will not only learn a great deal about the natural world you encounter, but you will also meet remarkable people who passionately protect its most vulnerable inhabitants. Michael’s hope is that you walk away inspired and empowered citizens of the world. To learn more about Michael click here.

Meet Our Staff

Our project coordinator Kayla Windelspecht teaching stream ecology


Kayla first joined Inspire EdVentures as an intern in summer of 2018 while studying at North Carolina State University. She has since graduated with a major in biology (ecology) and now works as a program director at Inspire EdVentures.

Kayla is responsible for all aspects of our virtual tour program, from coordinating with clients on the needs of their program, to post-event media production. Kayla also manages the educational content on the site, and has authored many of the articles at Inspire EdVentures.

Kayla’s interests include ecological research, environmental conservation, and science communication, all of which she hopes to further through her work at Inspire EdVentures. Kayla may be reached at