The Vision

Our vision is to inspire each of you to take an adventure, to experience the fun of learning about the fascinating world we live in, and to give back to the communities that generously host our EdVentures.

The Journey

When we started this journey, over six years ago, Dave had already been taking student groups to Belize for almost a decade. On each trip, Dave had developed relationships with resorts, built partnerships with local non-profit organizations, tour guides and educational institutions. In each case they were very excited to share their beautiful country with Dave and his students. Michael, who knew Dave as a fellow educator, joined him to help out with a growing demand for the trips. Soon, the groups morphed from being only student-focused to the formation of additional groups for adult travelers, who wanted more from their trip then a “drink on a tropical beach”. In January 2012, Dave and Michael invited their friend Eric to capture the tour in a series of photographs. They spent the week immersed in the culture, history and nature of Belize, exploring caves filled with Mayan artifacts, admiring vivid colors of the lake at the 5 Blue National Park, and hiking rainforests observing pristine wildlife. At the end of that trip, transformed by their experiences, Dave, Michael and Eric formed Inspire EdVentures in hopes to provide others with a unique lens to discover Belize and support local education and conservation efforts.

The People

We are a small company, founded by three passionate individuals, who have over 50 years of combines educational travel, teaching experience, photography, and scientific research.

Meet the Inspire EdVentures Founders


A passionate and experienced educator who has been exploring Belize for over 15 years, Dave is the in-country expert and the logistical master-mind of Inspire EdVentures. Dave specializes in student tour groups, with whom he has conducted valuable research on the water quality, jaguar preservation and effects of lion fish on the ecology of coral reefs. On the trips, Dave can masterfully recognize most animals by their sounds and reveal what could be hidden to the common eye. To learn more about Dave click here


An avid nature photographer, prolific musician and a walking encyclopedia of fun facts that will surely stick in your mind, Eric is the creative machine behind Inspire EdVentures. When joining an EdVenture, Eric will share tips and tricks of nature photography to help you elevate your skills and create photographs worth bragging about. Occasionally, you might also find him surrounded by fellow-travelers as they relax to sounds of Eric’s guitar and a drink.


Equipped with a PhD in Genetics and a background in ecology, decades of world-wide travel and down-to-earth sense of humor, Michael is the education specialist of the Inspire EdVentures. On the trips, Michael’s extensive knowledge of biology will come in handy as you explore the exotic world of Belize. You will not only learn a great deal about the natural world you encounter, but you will also meet remarkable people who passionately protect its most vulnerable inhabitants. Michael’s hope is that you walk away inspired and empowered citizens of the world. To learn more about Michael click here.