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Inspire EdVentures for Educators in Belize

Tired of Traditional Teaching?

Join fellow science educators on an Edventure this fall that will refresh your soul, inspire your imagination, and re-energize your love of teaching science. Our destination for this trip will be Belize, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. There, you will snorkel with untouched coral at South Water Caye, learn about research projects involving jaguars in the rain forests of the Mayan Mountains, and experience the conservation efforts of the Belize Zoo and Belize Raptor Center to protect the exotic animals of this amazing country.

Welcome to the Modern Science Classroom

Your classrooms for this trip will be the rainforests and coral beaches of Belize. Lead by expert local guides, our classrooms will immerse you in the sights, sounds and smells of these pristine natural habitats. While this may sound like a wonderful vacation, and you will undoubtedly have an amazing time, each of the experiences you will be immersed into are carefully designed to provide you with an insight as to how to make your science classroom come alive and excite your students to learn more about the natural world.

Build Your Ideal Course

Your Lead Trip Coordinators for this Edventure have been bringing student groups and developing science curricula for over a decade. While you are experiencing the wonders of Belize, we will be helping you design a course that will not only engage your students, but provide them with a greater understanding of their relationship to the natural world. Each day we will provide workshops and resources on how to integrate the natural wonders of Belize into your course and outline the steps you need to take to bring your students to Belize.





What Students and Educators say about Inspire EdVentures

Mark S


“This was not a typical study-abroad trip – Inspired EdVentures Lead Educators are instructors just like me, who took care of every detail ahead of the trip. They laid out amazing learning opportunities in some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet that I can easily replicate with my students. This is what education should be all about!”
Loren F


“I would definitely recommend going on the Belize trip. From the moment you get off the plane you are surrounded by a new and beautiful landscape. My favorite part was waking up really early on the last day and hiking for about thirty minutes up to the gazebo and watching the sunrise. It was insanely beautiful. You get to experience a new culture and get outside your comfort zone. Plus it’s pretty nice to get out of a freezing cold Illinois for a week!”
Joana P


“This trip is like going to Neverland for a week and having the time of your life! When you first get to Belize the scenery is straight out of a movie and you forget about the States. My favorite part of the whole trip is when we hiked to the Mayan Temples, the view was BREATHE taking!! I also made a few more friends during the trip which was a plus! If you are looking for a week of adventure and excitement, you need to go on this trip!”

last updated: June 26, 2019