EdVenture Into the Rainforest

An Edventure to Belize starts with a view of the Sleeping Giant himself. If you look at the left mountain range, you can see the profile of a resting giant. Each morning, the sun rises over the peaks of this Mayan mountain chain, creating the perfect setting to clear your mind, focus on the present, and prepare for the Edventure that lays ahead.

Every trip to Belize is different, with new discoveries appearing around every bend in the path. So, to prepare you for what you may see, here are some photos from our latest EdVenture.

Hike Through the Citrus Grove

Citrus is a major industry in Belize, and since these citrus groves often sit on the very edges of the rainforest,Β  they are an ideal location to observe and photograph the colorful butterfly and bird inhabitants of this edge ecosystem.

No one really knows how many species of butterflies are in Belize, but some think it may be well over 700. So, on any trip to the edge of the forest you are bound to experience something new!

Botanical Gardens and Plants that Grow On Air

The rainforest is known for its majestic trees and a rich display of floral colors. But sometimes the true wonders are found between the forest floor and the canopy. Epiphytes (plants that grow on air), bromeliads (such as the pineapple and orchids), and cactuses, can all be found in the branches of the trees.

Just off of the Hummingbird Highway, within the Caves Branch resort, is the Caves Branch Botanical Garden.


But the botanical garden is not just a home to plants. Just sit for a moment and you will soon be visited by some animal visitors as well.


The Mayan Experience

At the height of Mayan Culture, the area that is know known as Belize is believed to have housed over 2 million people. While the Mayan civilization may no longer be with us, there is evidence of its greatness not only in the ruins of Xunantunich and Cahal Pech , both shown below, but in the people that inhabit Belize. A trip to these sites is an absolute necessity in order to understand the people and culture of Belize.


The Wonders of the Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo is not just another zoo, it is a national treasure honoring the incredible biodiversity of this small country. The animals are not exhibits here, they are ambassadors of learning. The zoo is a series of natural habitats, where each animal lives in conditions that most closely resemble their natural environments. Care for by a phenomenal staff of passionate conservationists, this is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Belize. Here are just a few of the animals we saw on our latest visit:


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Inspire EdVentures

last updated:Β  January 13, 2018

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