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What Inspires Us?

Inspire Edventures was formed to help inspire you to learn more about the world around us. Here are some of the stories about how we have been inspired by our experiences as we prepare your edventures.

Coming soon – stories from our edventures!

The Best Little Zoo in the World

For years we have been bringing student groups to the Belize Zoo to learn about the amazing conservation efforts that they are engaged in. From jaguars to tapirs and harpy eagles, the staff of the Zoo works tirelessly to provide ...
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Inspire EdVentures and Monkey Bay Partner to Give Back to the People of Belize

The shut down in international travel caused by COVID-19 has disrupted economies around the globe, but none more so than destination travel countries like Belize. A small country in Central America, Belize’s economy is based on tourism, especially visitors from ...
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Why We Built A Virtual Summer Camp

It’s the height of summer, but with summer camps canceled across the United States, kids and parents alike are looking for something to do with the long summer vacation. This is why Inspire EdVentures, in partnership with WAMY Community Action ...
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Backyard Birding Using a Doorbell Camera

As a photographer, I love watching wildlife. Birds are some of the most entertaining and colorful wildlife that we can easily and safely observe – especially when we think about our own backyards. My curiosity was probably like yours – ...
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30 Days of #InspireMeThrough Photos

Like many of you, our world at Inspire-EdVentures has been turned upside down. We’d love to be traveling and educating you about the wonders of the world. Until we can meet again, we’d like to bring you 30 days of ...
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last updated: April 2020