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At Inspire Edventures, we have a passion for exploring our world. From edventures in Belize, to nature photography and exploring new destinations, we want to invite you to become involved. Not only do we provide opportunities to visit some of the most amazing ecosystems on the planet, but we also want to share the chance for educators and individuals to use our research in their courses!

Jaguar Population Monitoring

The jaguar is one of the signature animals of Belize, and one that holds a special place in Belizian and Mayan cultures. over the past several years, the nine cameras of our Belize jaguar monitoring project has captured hundreds of images of not only jaguars and the other big cats of Belize, but of many of their prey species. Opportunities exist to not only participate in the placing of the cameras in country, but also remote analysis of the photos and data.

Image from the Inspire EdVentures Trailcams

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Water Quality Monitoring

For over a decade, we have been monitoring the water quality of the Sibun river in Belize. With its sources high in the Mayan Mountains, this river serves as an important watershed for the central areas of the country. Using both chemical and biological (macroinvertebrate) monitoring, we have established an important profile of the health of this river system. Opportunities exist not only for on-site monitoring, but also remote data analysis and comparisons to other watersheds.

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Lionfish & Coral Reef EcologyΒ 

The coral reefs of Belize remain one of the last examples of healthy reef systems in the world. Our edventures often include the experience of not only discovering the importance of this ecosystem, but also participating in the removal of invasive lionfish species. Opportunities exist not only to explore these amazing reefs in person, but to also work on remote research projects analyzing data from our edventures.

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