Take A Virtual Tour of the Belize Zoo

Take A Virtual Tour of the Belize Zoo

Take Your Class on a Virtual Tour of the Belize Zoo!

The Belize Zoo is excited to announce the launch of a new educational experience for teachers and students abroad. Using the power of teleconferencing platforms, we are now able to bring the wonderful wildlife of Belize right into your classrooms virtually!

Our staff will work alongside interested teachers to deliver live, interactive sessions from the grounds of TBZ with the help of our knowledgeable staff, and, of course, our animal “ambassadors.” Sessions can cover everything from natural history, to diet and enrichment, to species and habitat conservation, and much more.

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Our Virtual Tour of the Best Little Zoo In the World!

The staff of Inspire EdVentures had the chance to take one of these virtual tours a few weeks ago, and it was an amazing experience! We focused our tour on the jaguar rehabilitation project at the Zoo. For almost an hour, this highly interactive experience, led by the Education Director Jamal Andrewin, took us through the basics of jaguar biology, the importance of jaguars in the Belizian culture, and the challenges facing jaguar conservation.

Here are some quick previews of our virtual tour!


Scholarships are Available

At Inspire Edventures, we know that the ongoing pandemic has created financial difficulties for many schools. That is why we have partnered with Ricochet Creative Productions, 5BlueMedia, and Howler Publications to offer a limited number of scholarships to educators to get their classes involved in a virtual tour.

This offer expires on December 15, 2020 and is limited to K-12 educators in the United States and Canada.

For the scholarship form, click on the button below. For more information, contact Michael Windelspecht at michael@inspire-edventures.com


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