The Best Little Zoo in the World

The Best Little Zoo in the World

For years we have been bringing student groups to the Belize Zoo to learn about the amazing conservation efforts that they are engaged in. From jaguars to tapirs and harpy eagles, the staff of the Zoo works tirelessly to provide safe habitats, rehabilitation, and educational resources to help us all better know the wildlife of Belize. The COVID19 pandemic has seriously effected these efforts, and we have been working to adopt some of these animals and support the Zoo’s efforts. Below we are going to compile some of our favorite pictures from the Zoo, as well as some of our trail cam photos. It is our hope that you consider adopting one of these beautiful animals and supporting the Belize Zoo during these difficult times. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates. We will be using #TheBestLittleZooInTheWorld to highlight our photos! Please feel free to repost, comment, or maybe even post a few of your own!

Our Howler Monkey Friends!

What’s that sound? If you are visiting the Belize Zoo and hear an almost unnatural low guttural call, then you are probably not too far from the home of one of our favorite stops in the Zoo – the howler monkeys.
Black howler monkeys are the largest primate species found in the Belize rainforest. As their name suggests, howler monkeys have a distinctive, extremely loud call, which can be heard from miles away. Howler monkeys are endangered in Central America due to deforestation and hunting, but conservation efforts- including those of the Belize Zoo- help to protect vulnerable populations.
Learn more about howler monkeys by visiting the link to the right, but more importantly, help the Belize Zoo protect these magnificent primates by adopting one for only $60 for the year (see the button below)! Your help will greatly support the efforts of our friends at the Belize Zoo – The BEST Little Zoo In The World!

Meet the Jaguarundi! As part of our partnership with the Belize Zoo, we recently adopted a jaguarundi! If you have never heard of the “Otter Cats of Belize”, don’t worry – neither did we until we started visiting the Zoo! This strange, weasel-like feline is a jaguarundi, one of the five wild cat species found in Belize. With a range extending from Mexico to Argentina, the jaguarundi is highly adaptable in its habitats, and can be found in jungles, savannahs, and swamps. Amazingly, jaguarundis have their own “language” of at least thirteen unique sounds- described as chirps, whistles, purrs, and chatters- that they use to communicate with each other.  Want to learn more about jaguarundis? Then check out our page on these beautiful cats! 

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