We invite you to take a break from your classes, work, or daily routines to take you and your students or colleagues on a virtual tour of the Belize Zoo – the “Best Little Zoo in the World!”

Our staff will work alongside you to deliver live, interactive sessions from the grounds of the Zoo. With the help of their incredible staff, and, of course, their animal β€œambassadors”, we can set up an experience that is custom-made for students of any age, corporate “retreats”, summer camps, or community activities. Sessions can cover everything from general tours of the Zoo to guided lectures on the conservation of specific species, and much more.

The best part of this program is that the proceeds from each tour not only directly benefit the conservation efforts of the Zoo, which has been impacted by the lack of tourism and the pandemic, but will also be used to fund scholarships for K-12 classes to attend a virtual Zoo tour. If you are an educator who is interested in the scholarship program, please see the form at the bottom of this page.

To date we have conducted dozens of tours with students from elementary schools to college biology classes. In addition, we have organized corporate activities for companies large and small to give their staff a welcome break and experience the wonders of Belize. Let us build a tour that you will never forget, and help the Belize Zoo at the same time.

What Can You Expect on Your Virtual Tour?

These interactive tours will be led by an education specialist at the Belize Zoo who specializes in the wildlife conservation efforts of the Zoo. These tours, which can last for between 45 and 75 minutes in length, will feature the native wildlife of Belize. During the tour, you will be encouraged to ask lots of questions! Depending on the time of the tour, we can usually see spider monkeys, tapirs, jaguars and a variety of bird species. There is usually a surprise around each bend in the path!

The staff at Inspire EdVentures will assist you in your virtual tour by making all of the arrangements with the Zoo to schedule your time and setting up the details for the Zoom calls. A member of our staff will be on hand at the start of the call to provide your group with a brief introduction and to record your session. After the tour is over, we will provide you with a video of your session, links to how to learn more about the animals you saw on your tour, and information on how you can help the conservataion efforts of the Zoo.

Resources to Enhance Your Experience

Inspire EdVentures was formed by educators with a passion for science education. We know that learning occurs in many forms. Therefore, in addition to the video, we have prepared a number of resources that you can utilize to engage your group before or after your tour:

  • Animals of the Belize Zoo Live! Tours: Articles and videos, prepared by our staff to provide you with additional information on the animals (and some plants!) that you see on the tour. We update this regularly as new animals make their debut at the events.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: While we are on your tour, we will be monitoring the questions that your participants ask and adding them to our FAQ page.
  • Monthly Newsletter: If you want to keep up to date on new tours or educational opportunities, consider signing up for our monthly IE newsletter.
  • Discussion Questions: Looking for a way to initiate discussions after a tour? Here are a few questions to get you started. We can help you prepare questions or materials for any type of group dynamics!

Here Are Some Highlights From Our Recent Tours

The highlight reel below provides you with a quick view of what you may expect on one of the virtual tours.

We can also offer night tours of the Zoo. Here is a brief video of a tour our staff took recently to test the cameras and lighting. If you are interested in a night tour, please be sure to give us at least a few week’s notice since time slots are very limited.

Some of Our Past Participants

  • The Quote Center at Home Depot
  • The Life Sciences Group at McGraw-Hill Education
  • Lacamas Heights School
  • Lincoln Land Community College Biology Classes
  • St Agnes Catholic School
  • Our Lady of Guadaloupe School
  • Appalachian Brian Estates

The Belize Zoo tour was AWESOME!! If you have little ones they will love seeing the animals! Thank you Britney, Michael and Jamal! Very cool experience, highly recommend πŸ˜Š